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Context in the Show

Mama's LIttle Angel

19-year old Alma has just awakened from a three-year coma, only to discover that her mother, Ruth, has been charging people to visit her bedside and pray under a purported vision of the Virgin Mary in her bedroom window. Ruth attempts to persuade Alma to pretend to remain in a coma so that she can continue earning money from her scheme.

Evil in the World/
Savior for the World

When Ruth discovers that Alma is pregnant, she fears that her neighbors will realize that Alma woke up from her coma weeks before anyone knew, exposing her money-making scheme. Ever resourceful, Ruth gets the war-weary townspeople to believe that Alma’s pregnancy is an immaculate conception.

Hey, Mother Mary

Thrust into the role of a modern Mother Mary, a frustrated Alma finds herself alone and pregnant. With no one else to turn to, she addresses the image of Mary in her bedroom window.