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In 1945 in a small New England town, a resourceful mother is charging admission for folks to see the vision which appears in her comatose daughter's bedroom window. The vision attracts a young drifter, who gets caught up in a web of lies that test the faith of everyone in the war-weary town of Painted Post, Massachusetts.


September 2010:

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The idea for "The Angel of Painted Post" is discussed by the authors in a meeting at a Denny's in North Hollywood, CA.

The show is written and developed as part of the ANMT full-length curriculum.

First reading of "The Angel of Painted Post" at the Academy for New Musical Theater.

"The Angel of Painted Post" is selected to be part of the first annual LA STAGES New Musical Festival.

The Academy Repertory Company selects "The Angel of Painted Post" to begin its 2012 Concert Series at the Lonny Chapman Theater.

"The Angel of Painted Post" continues its development.